Growth in sales and growth in profits, both come from the marketplace not from any other place.  While savings can come from optimizing your operations, cutting costs, value engineering your products, automating your systems, streamlining your supply chain etc., real growth in sales, turnover and profits always come from the marketplace.  So if you want fundamental growth of your business, the marketplace is what you should be looking at.

BDB’s experience of over 26 years in the Indian and international industrial marketplaces indicates that virtually all existing businesses can be expanded significantly!  A vast majority of existing commercial organizations can achieve more sales, higher turnover and rising profits.  This has been our observation.  Here is how.

Intricate analyses of marketplace dynamics almost always reveal gaps between what is available and what the customers’ expectations are.  These factors form the inputs into a Market Consolidation Strategy devised by BDB.  A multitude of variables determine customers’ buying pattern – some of which may be unbelievably subjective like “satisfaction”, even in the industrial marketplace!  BDB has time and again displayed the exceptional ability to map the pattern accurately, and extract from there an action plan that will result in BDB’s clients achieving both – more sales and enhanced profits.

Growth can also come from successful entry into new businesses your organization may embark upon.  Such new businesses may be related to your existing one and therefore may essentially target similar customer segments.  On the other hand, new businesses may be in altogether different fields – often called “Greenfield” businesses.  For such altogether new ventures, growth is even more urgent – and happily, possible to achieve too – for obvious reasons.  After all, new enterprises can tailor their operating parameters more readily if that is what evolves in a BDB Market Entry Strategy.

All successful organizations accept that growth in turnover (more sales) and growth in profits (better sales) both come from the marketplace.  Marketing processes in every ambitious and customer driven organization should therefore be an area of constant vigilance.  Differentiating your offering quantitatively and qualitatively; and attuning it to your customer needs (often through customization) is the key secret.

BDB, an ISO certified company, is uniquely qualified, experienced and equipped to design a failsafe growth plan that will achieve more sales and more profits for you from the marketplace.  Hundreds of Indian and international satisfied customers are witness to BDB’s extraordinary capability and dedication; and acknowledge BDB’s ability to deliver you a successful marketing process to achieve more sales and more profits, time after time.

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