Agricultural Machinery and Farm Equipment

Indian Agricultural Machinery and Farm Equipment market is one of the most prominent in the world. Global majors have made inroads here (and Indian companies have established themselves overseas). The major drivers of a double digit growth rate in this sector are availability of credit, focus on productivity and mass migration of entire communities from rural to urban areas leading to an urgent need for mechanization in farming.

BDB India is one of the leading agricultural market research company. BDB has identified a plethora of opportunities for global companies. BDB has successfully undertaken strategy consulting assignments in the field of tractors, drip irrigation, sprinklers, pump sets, sprayers, threshers, tillers and combined harvesters. The agriculture industry has been widely exposed to international trends and has shown considerable adaptability to change and mechanization.

Agrochemicals, Fertilizers & Seeds

BDB’s familiarity with agriculture inputs is admirable. In India crop losses due to pest attack are among the highest in the world, while pesticide usage is among the lowest which stands at 381g per hectare as against world average of 500g.

Whether it is transgenic seeds, speciality fertilizers or new generation pesticides; BDB’s domain expertise has enabled clients to grow rapidly in this diversified and dynamic Indian market.

Micro Irrigation Sector

There is a very sizeable opportunity emerging in mechanized farming, cooperative farming and in smart usage of modern consumables. The farmers’ expectations are changing, aspirations of dealers and retailers in the farming sector are changing, the channel of distribution is becoming crucial and there is a clear differentiation of market experience in different pockets of India. The farmers are getting an opportunity to use and experience new products.

BDB offers proficient solutions in the Micro Irrigation sector. Our services include a wide array of studies on Pre and Post Harvesting Equipment, Micro Irrigation Implements, Drip and Sprinkler Systems and Nutrient Dispensers.

Dairy Industry

Dairy industry has been a mainstay of the co-operative sector in India. It contributes very significantly to India’s agriculture GDP. Major animal feed providers have leveraged BDB’s experience to identify opportunities as well as new inputs for cattle feed.

For each assignment, the methodology varies because these are all customized research analysis. For instance, to study the demand dynamics and trend, a cross section of existing and potential customers will be analysed in rural markets. Considering the seasonal aspects and the geographical conduciveness of different crops, the study needs to be conducted in different pockets.

Along with the farmers, inputs from channel analysis and the influencers (in decision making) are also a part of this study.
At conclusion, the output of such market research studies comprehensively results in an incisive, authentic and reliable Growth Strategy Recommendation Document.

BDB has assisted in setting up new projects, in acquisitions, in testing new ideas, in evaluating markets and brand equity, measuring customer satisfaction as well as in conducting pre & post launch studies in India and across the globe. BDB has also conducted assignments in the expansion of existing businesses.

What type of research is generally carried out in the agriculture sector?

The agricultural sector ecosystem comprises of farming community, suppliers of products and equipment, government and research organizations, dealers and distributors, financial institutions, etc. Clients in the agriculture sector require a market pulse of all these stakeholders periodically to understand the market trends, cropping patterns and usage of inputs, farm mechanization trends, need gaps and yield outputs, supply chain dynamics and price sensitivity. BDB specializes in carrying out customized primary research in all these areas.

What are the sub-segments of the agriculture sector BDB specializes in?

BDB carries out studies in every aspect of the agriculture sector covering farm mechanization products, fertilizers and pesticides, seeds, and many other products that find application during cultivation and harvesting.

How is the research being carried out in the agriculture sector?

The agriculture sector consumption of product categories and usage of mechanization vary from region to region and it is directly related to crops under cultivation, irrigation methods, fustigation methods, mechanization usage etc. Therefore field intensive primary research is important for deriving insights and strategy recommendations.

What are the changing trends that the agriculture sector market research witnesses?

Like any other sector, the agriculture sector also witnesses a variety of changes in every aspect including automation. The usage of remote sensing pump sets, usage of drones for spraying, E tractor usage, and digital infrastructure for cultivation, harvesting and sales of agricultural produce is getting popular. Clients are looking forward to understanding these dynamics periodically.

What kind of expertise does BDB possess to carry out primary market research in the agriculture sector?

BDB has had the privilege of carrying out market research in this sector since the early 90s for most major agrochemical companies of domestic and international repute. Similarly, BDB was able to sense the mechanization trends in agriculture at its early stage for carrying out some of the most valued global companies in this field. BDB acquired hands-on experience in interacting with entire stakeholders including farmers from most rural areas of India and a few international markets. BDB has a team of researchers familiar with farm mechanization, agriculture inputs, harvesting methods and storage & sales of agri-produce including the value chain associated with the farm-to-plate concept.

Which are the geographical areas BDB conducts market research in the agriculture sector?

BDB can carry out customized primary market research in all the Indian states, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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