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If you need support to have potential leads for your products and services this is one of our successful process to make customers aware about your brand and products, to generate a desire in them to know more, and to create an interest in them to buy. This process and methodology strategies to improve sales efficiency with our sales connect offer !

Why should you reach out to us for BDB DIRECT® ?

For enhanced sales efficiency and shortened sales cycle, so that the sales teams precious time can be utilized better with faster lead conversion.

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bdb direct marketing

What are the different components we support you under BDB DIRECT® ?

  • Maximise Sales Effectiveness
  • Improve customer’s share of Business
  • Periodic list of qualified customer with interest to buy
  • Identification of the right decision maker to connect
  • Current point of purchase and price of purchase
  • Support to fix up appointments

How does BDB Support you generating and creating a potential sales funnel?

  • We take inputs for Products and Customer Profile
  • Leverage our relations and network to identify customers
  • Our team engages in interviews with decision makers
  • Submit reports for fixed number of customers periodically

Our Unique Process

bdb direct
Product and Service Understanding with Database Creation

  • Define the focus areas in terms of customer profile and product type
  • Gather Relevant data for all the Potential Companies
marketing plan
Screening and Filtering of Customers and Prospects

  • Screening prospective companies after an in-depth understanding
  • Shortlisting companies/customers based on buying potential
Channel Optimization
Conduct Interviews to Generate a Sales Funnel

  • Understand their needs and pain areas
  • Willingness for products & solutions in consideration