The energy sector is one of the key market research segments for BDB since 1989, there has been a continuous effort to build market research capability for the renewable energy sector. We have had the privilege of contributing to the growth in Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro Electric power and Green Hydrogen by carrying out customised primary market research for our clients from India and International markets.

BDB India has conducted a market analysis for the equipment, systems, components and services required to set up renewable energy power plants and evacuation of power from windmills, solar power plants and plants based on other renewable sources. Some of the prominent studies include analysis of turbines, valves and automation for micro hydel projects, turbines, blades, gearboxes, or windmills and automation products & services of power evacuation from windmills to the grid, solar inverters, solar panel cleaning systems, solar-based lantern, power storage systems, etc. In the bio-mass areas, several studies have been conducted to establish the feasibility of setting up small power plants using bio-waste, animal waste, etc. as sources of fuel.

BDB is also very well aligned with the green hydrogen ecosystem as this segment provides opportunities for several suppliers of mechanical and electronic products and equipment. Along with global trends, India is going to focus on ESG more rigorously, and the usage of renewable energy for producing green hydrogen shall be a norm for the future.

BDB conducts primary market research in this sector including demand estimation & demand projection, analysis of technology evolutions, feasibility studies, opportunity assessment of repair, maintenance and overhauling, analysis of spare parts and consumables demand, and customer journey mapping. These studies are conducted by interviewing respondents like The Head of Operations, maintenance, procurement and general management. Intensive discussion with relevant industry associations, Government bodies and ministries like MNRE is also part of the analysis related to this sector.

BDB developed the expertise of carrying out customised primary market research and developing a strategy roadmap for the sustainable energy sector in South Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

1. What background does BDB have in the field of research on sustainable energy?

To create road maps and go-to-market plans for customers looking to build their businesses or enter the rapidly increasing sustainable energy industry, BDB conducts in-depth market research in this field.

2. Which subsectors of sustainable energy do clients entrust BDB to carry out specialized primary research?

When India began investing in wind energy in the late 1990s, BDB started concentrating on the renewable energy sector for carrying out customized market research. The majority of advancements in this field, including green hydrogen, solar, hydro and io-mass, were then the focus of BDB. BDB carries out customized research for products, machinery, systems, automation, and services covering the full spectrum of the sustainable energy industry.

3. Who are the participants in BDB's customized market research for this industry?

Stakeholders in the sustainable energy sector include suppliers of products, and equipment, project developers,  EPCs, financial institutions, system integrators, governmental organizations, and energy end users. BDB chooses appropriate respondents for conducting customized primary research based on the type of study.

4. What kinds of studies are being conducted in this field?

The research in this area varies depending on the energy source. Biomass research mostly analyzes the availability of raw materials, potential sites for setting up small-scale biomass power plants, the consumption patterns of energy in the area, etc. Demand-supply analyses for the majority of products, parts, and machinery needed to set up windmills (blades, generators, gearboxes, electronic components, etc.) have been completed by BDB. Regarding solar, BDB carried out research on solar-related products like solar panel cleaning systems, solar irrigation products, solar panels, electronic components etc.

5. What level of experience does BDB have conducting research in the field of sustainable energy?

Beginning in the late 1990s, BDB has been conducting research in the field of renewable energy. As a result, there is a strong network of experts and solid internal knowledge of this industry. Because this industry is so dynamic, we also follow and learn about it by going to conferences and seminars.

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