Market Research in the Education, Learning and Development (L&D) sector

BDB’s market research capabilities are recognized by renowned education institutions from India and overseas, learning & development institutions in India, Industry associations and government bodies.

Our valued customers in the education sector include renowned secondary schools, engineering colleges bodies, foreign universities, learning & development organizations etc.

type of research in the Education sector

The type of research in the Education sector includes:

  • Analysis of Parents and students’ experience and satisfaction of one of the top schools in India
  • Marketing and financial viability for setting up a technical management university in India belonging to a European University
  • Feasibility for setting up competency-building facilities/ labs in engineering colleges
  • Measuring the relevance of specific syllabus of an engineering stream of a leading engineering college by carrying out extensive analysis of prospective employers
  • Feasibility of setting up schools

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The type of research in the Learning and Development sector includes:

  • Identifying L&D trends in the different segments and opportunity evaluation of training and development needs in different industry segments at different executive levels
  • Training effectiveness, needs & wants and experience of participants for a leading industry association which imparts technical and soft skill training to its member companies
  • Analysis of digitization trends in the industry in the field of training and developments
  • Analysis of gaps found by organizations in a specific stream of an engineering subject to bridge the gap between industry needs and the curriculum taught
  • Analysis of current problems faced by the industry due to lack of relevant skill sets among employees skilling required in different industry sectors at different employee levels

All these studies focus on the analysis of facilities, teaching methods, opinions and experiences of students about curriculum, industry participation and their opinions on current quality levels and changes in anticipated and willingness of education bodies to adopt techniques that meet student–industry needs, viability of location, promotional platforms, analysis of facilities for overall development. Like any other sector, BDB specializes in conducting in-depth interviews with students, parents, teachers, technical-non-technical staff, private and public sector decision-makers, regulatory bodies, and education societies for carrying out such studies.

Similarly, BDB conducts market research for some of the finest training and development (L&D)institutions in the country as part of its market positioning and strategy plans. This kind of study includes studying the learning & development trends in different industries, the current pattern followed for L&D at different levels, overall opportunities, addressable opportunities within the industry segments, L&D requirements for various positions, needs gaps, competition, in-depth
analysis of potential training needs, white paper development by interviewing potential clients at institutions and individual levels.

1 . What types of studies are being conducted in the field of education and training?

BDB conducts interesting market research in the field of education and training. A typical study in the education sector would look at topics like acceptability and need gap analysis of particular academic branches of institutions, parents’ and students’ satisfaction with various aspects of the institution, and marketing and commercial feasibility of setting up schools, colleges, and foreign universities in particular locations in India.

In the training sector, customized primary research encompasses opportunity mapping of industry-specific training modules, industry needs gaps, and consumer voice and experience following training sessions.

2. How is research conducted in the field of education and training?

The industry is undertaking research by interviewing members of various stakeholder groups, including parents, instructors, students, industry promoters, and trainers.

3. How do clients use the research insights for their business?

Educational institutions typically use research inputs to enhance their teaching strategies, introduce curriculum relevant to industry, and assess the viability of opening schools, colleges, and universities. Training organizations use research findings to create leadership, soft skills, and technical training modules that are appropriate for particular industries. This is being carried out following a comprehensive analysis of the needs particular to the sector and the demand gaps.

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