BDB book club pune

BDB Book Club is a social endeavor of BDB India Private Limited, popularly known as BDB.  The BDB Book Club aims at providing a unique forum for the corporates to mingle and discuss one professional publication every month after reading it.  The inauguration of BDB Book Club was done in Pune, India on 30th Oct 2010 at the British Library by Mr L A Joshi, Executive Director of Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited and since then the BDB Book Club has more than 500 members.

BDB Book Club is one of the few book clubs of India, which meet as regularly as once every month.  It is a platform for book lovers to meet, discuss, comment and share their points of view on a professional publication (mostly non-fiction) every month that every member of the group has read at the same time.  The BDB Book Club announces the Book to be discussed one-month prior, which most often is a new release.  Each member buys a personal copy or may borrow the book from a library.  The BDB Book Club Members meet at a pre-decided venue, which is a library, a conference room or even a bookstore, on the last Saturday of every month in addition to the Special Sessions with well-known authors.

Introducing new ideas like discussion on mini video clips, short word games and generic thought provoking articles makes the BDB Book Club meetings more enjoyable and interesting for the members.

BDB Book Club has hosted special book reading sessions for its members, which have been graced by authors such as Mr R Gopalakrishnan, Ms Sudha Menon, Dr Shashi Tharoor, Mr Gurcharan Das, Mr Prakash Iyer, Mr Subroto Bagchi and Mr Ashwin Sanghi.

Upcoming Events

BDB Book Club membership is free.  To become a member, recommend books and to know more about upcoming sessions, please contact on +91 9763 140 463 or je********@bd****.com