Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Monitoring

BDB Q-SAMM is a Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Monitoring company head-quartered in Pune. BDB Q-SAMM works with client companies to measure their customers’ satisfaction with products and services, in absolute and relative terms.  This results in incisive customer oriented strategies to generate more satisfied customers and consequently more business.

The other key services of this division includes :

  • Vendor Satisfaction
  • Dealer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Corporate Communication Effectiveness Studies

The Indian economy is expected to grow fast.  Consumer expectations are changing, the aspirations of Dealers and Retailers are changing, channels of distribution are becoming complex and there is a clear differentiation of market experience in different regions of India.  Consumers are getting the opportunity to use and experience new products.

As far as BDB Q-SAMM’s experience in customer satisfaction studies goes, we have carried out assignments in the field of Engineering Components, Capital Equipment, Auto Components, Textile Components & Machinery, Auto & industrial parts, Transmission & Distribution Products, Chemicals, Agriculture Equipment, Power Generating Sets, Diesel Engines, Electronic Meters, Fertilizers, Two Wheelers, Global Distribution System, Machine Tool, Educational Services and Travel & Tourism just to name a few.

BDB Q-SAMM’s customer satisfaction measurement study analyses the satisfaction level on each parameter that causes satisfaction and the customer satisfaction index is benchmarked with best in class and sometimes even with companies that follow best practices.  This analysis finally brings out regional and national level inputs in different market segments.

For customer satisfaction and trade satisfaction, though the methodology remains the same, the parameters that are considered for evaluating the satisfaction, will vary.

BDB Q-SAMM, has had the privilege of working with successful companies. Large corporates make use of our customer satisfaction study inputs for implementing short, medium and long term strategies and competing for the national level awards for quality and service excellence. Today, we are one of the top customer satisfaction survey companies in India.

BDB Q-SAMM has assisted in identifying gaps in satisfaction and expectations from customers, in terms of technology and pro-activeness, in addressing customer problems.  The output of such a Study helps our clients bridge any gaps that may exist between customer expectations and what they actually get.