Plastics & Composites – Market Research

Plastics & Composite Sector Market Research

Plastics & composite applications are a continuously evolving industry. Applications of plastics and composites are ever-evolving and thus require incisive research inputs to make mindful investment decisions. BDB has experience in carrying out customised primary market research in this sector over three decades. BDB’s experience in this sector is classified as follows :

Engineering plastic raw materials

Plastic automotive components

Plastic products in Agriculture

Injection, blow molding & extrusion lines

Composite products of SMC & DMC process

Commodity Plastic raw material

Plastic engineering components

Plastic consumer products

Fiberglass raw material

Plastic additives & master batches

BDB has a network with an entire ecosystem covering raw material suppliers, processors, research institutions, processing equipment suppliers, plastic and composite industry associations, and government bodies. All these contacts form the respondents to conduct customised market research in this sector. As most research assignments are specific and customised, BDB also ropes in their advisors while carrying out research assignments and their decades of domain expertise help sharpen the overall approach and delivery.

Type assignments include application identification, opportunity assessments, demand-supply analysis, demand projections, acceptability of alternate material, cluster analysis, plastic recycling opportunities, etc. As most assignments help to set up new investment projects or expansion projects, our clients expect us to analyze both the commercial and technical aspects of the markets.

  BDB carried out studies for raw material manufacturers, processors of various products, equipment suppliers and additive suppliers like master batches suppliers to this industry. These studies require in-depth knowledge of molding processes and equipment, raw material classification, end-user applications and value chain associated with this industry. BDB’s knowledge in this sector has been appreciated by customers from India as well as the International market.

BDB carries out studies in the Plastic & Composite sector in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Q1. Which are the main applications for plastics and composites where BDB carries out market research?

Customized market research is conducted by BDB for all the major industries that use plastic and composite products, such as telecom, consumer durables, automotive, construction, electrical, and aerospace.

Q2. What kind of experience has BDB gained in plastics and composites?

With three decades of unique market research and strategy consulting experience under its belt, BDB has amassed remarkable knowledge of the science underlying engineering processes and applications, as well as commodity & engineering plastic raw materials and composite raw materials and products.  In addition to plastic and composite materials & products , BDB has extensive experience with the machinery and technologies utilized in processing, including different types composites process like SMC and DMC, blow-moulding, stretch-moulding, and injection-moulding.

Q3. What kinds of studies are typically conducted in the plastic and composites industry?

Application of particular components using particular raw materials; studies of demand estimation; chemicals used and their demand; market projections; material changes occurring in various applications and their effect on the use of plastic and composite products; market entry; raw material availability; price sensitivity; regulatory drivers for using particular types of raw materials and products.

Q4. What procedures are used when conducting customized research in this field?

Conducting customized market research and providing strategy consultancy necessitates thorough conversations with all stakeholders with in the value chain . The category of respondents comprises companies that supply raw materials, such as engineering and commodity plastics, fiberglass, and chemicals, such as compounders, plastic processors,  suppliers of master batches, distribution channels, suppliers of moulding equipment, government agencies, industry associations, and research institutions.

Q5. How crucial is it to analyze the supply chain and distribution system when conducting research in the plastics and composites industry?

This industry uses a combination of direct supply  and  distribution channels.  The majority of domestic and imported raw material providers have good nationwide distribution networks that enable them to supply small and medium-sized plastic processors spread across several Indian regions with the raw materials they need. Large processors, however, benefit from direct delivery from raw material providers. When it comes to plastic and composite goods, which are used in the engineering and automotive industries, procurement occurs through nationwide component manufacturers. The producers of plastic molding machinery work closely with processors and big distribution centers, handling both domestic and foreign machinery.