Electrical Power Market Research

BDB India is a leading customised primary market research and strategy consulting company in India in the Electrical Power sector with over three decades of experience in working with Indian and global clients for Power Generation, Transmission and distribution ( T&D) equipment and solutions.

BDB has had the privilege of conducting market research related to most technological evolutions in the electrical power sector for market leaders and niche market players in this field.

BDB has researched most equipment and solutions that go into setting up power plants. In the transmission & distribution sector, we have the experience of working with leaders in LV, MV, HV and EHV product suppliers ranging from transformers, switchgear, motors, cables, conductors, etc., of all types and consumables to find applications of T&D products.

We have had the unique experience of conducting studies for smart metering since its inception stage, and also in products like Ring Main Units, EHV cables, automation in power plants and substations, power storage devices, and distributed automation products. We even carried out prelaunch studies related to modular switches.

We have worked on market research to devise market entry strategies as well as market expansion and go-to-market strategies in India as well as international markets. We also have extensively worked for Indian, European and Korean Industry associations in the electric power sector to evaluate their market opportunities, and industry trends and some of the research was used to make policies for the industry as well.

Typical research in this industry includes demand estimation, demand projections, technology evolutions, opportunity assessment based on investments, regulatory drivers, export potential assessments, O&M opportunities, etc.

BDB developed an in-house research team with an electrical engineering background and practical experience in the electrical power sector for client engagements. We also developed a team of advisors with several years of experience in the electrical power sector to address the specific needs of our customers.

BDB has developed an excellent network of respondents for market research in the electric power sector ecosystem. We have had the privilege of visiting and interacting with all the thermal plants and several T&D assets in India belonging to State Electricity Boards, ( SEBs) National Thermal Power plants (NTPC) and Independent Power plants ( IPPs).

Along with respondents in charge of plant operations and maintenance, BDB also interacts with Chief Engineers of different departments at distribution companies ( DISCOMs), contractors, specifiers, regulators and testing companies, Industry associations, ministry and government bodies operating in the electric power sector.

As BDB has a good understanding of the penetration of renewable energy and government policies, this became handy while projecting the demand for power generation equipment through the thermal route. We also evaluate power evacuation solutions used at the solar and windmills and these are factored into overall market analysis for the product or solutions being studied.

      BDB’s research expertise in the electrical power sector span across South Asia, South East Asia, Middle and Africa.


Q1. Which Electrical Power industry subsectors do clients typically contact BDB for specialized market research?

BDB is competent in every aspect of the electrical power industry, including the generation of  both conventional and renewable energy. Additionally, BDB conducts in-depth, customized market research and develops go-to-market plans for the Transmission and Distribution industry (T&D).

Q2. What are products and equipment generally customers consider for market research in the electric power industry?

BDB conducts tailored research for machinery and goods that are used in nuclear, solar, wind, thermal, and biomass power generation sources. When it comes to T&D, BDB conducts in-depth market research on the goods and machinery that are used from the point of generation  point to the last-mile distribution of power.

Q3. What steps are involved in conducting customized market research in the electrical power industry?

In-depth talks and examination of the stakeholders involved in power generation and the T&D ecosystem are necessary for customized market research in the power sector.

The main respondents in the case of power generation are equipment suppliers, owners of power plants (including NTPC, SEBs, IPPS, and captive power plants), EPCs, investment firms, project consultants, the Ministry of Power, and regulatory agencies.

Regarding T&D domains, respondents in a bespoke research study often comprise Discoms, equipment providers, government organizations, specifiers, electrical contractors, etc.

Q4. What crucial areas should a market researcher concentrate on when conducting research in the electrical power industry?

A researcher ought to be able to comprehend the entire power generation technology and development ecosystem. A deep understanding of the procedures and technologies involved in producing electricity in various capacity facilities and different sources , as well as the crucial phases of transmission and distribution from the generating plant to the substation and ultimate distribution, are all part of this. It is necessary to periodically update one’s knowledge of electrical engineering, process enhancements for power generation, automation and system requirements for transferring power to the grid, and technologies related to managing power loss during T&D.

Q5. Which products and equipment did BDB research in the electrical power industry?

The majority of  research were focused on equipment and products used in both conventional and non-conventional power generation facilities. To mention a few, these are wind blades, turbines, boilers, gearboxes, motors, bearings, pumps, compressors, and automation goods and systems. Regarding T&D, investigations were conducted by BDB on conductors, transformers, RMUs, lightning arresters, connectors, insulators, and power cables (HV, EHV), to mention a few.

Q6. Is it crucial for the research process to include government agencies?

Comprehending the government’s policies and goals is crucial when conducting market mapping, market expansion, and market entry studies for products and equipment that are used in the electric power industry. The government must closely monitor this area to fulfil the worldwide commitment to sustainability. The government occasionally introduces technological advancements and reforms in the fields of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution (both conventional and non-conventional), to fulfil its commitment to sustainability and provide all societal segments with uninterrupted power supplies.