business diversification ideas

Business Diversification Studies

Disruption, and Adversity is a big and a great opportunity for optimists and great leaders to emerge stronger than ever before – And if you think it’s time for business diversification, have reached to the right partner. We at BDB India have a good experience to demonstrate in this domain

Why should you diversify your business?

To create a new revenue generation stream and thereby grow the overall business turnover.

business diversification

What are possible options for your business diversification?


  • Adding similar products or services (Pumps > Solar Pumps)
  • Adding new products or services (Compressors > Blowers > Dryers > Filters)
  • Completely New Business Line (Auto Components > Food Packaging)

How does BDB Support you for getting the right insights to diversify your business?

We work as one deliver the best opportunity keeping in mind the market size of the divarication, its past CAGR and future growth, import contribution, competition intensity that would be encountered, the level of technology needed, key entry barriers if any, price points and profitability and its growth drivers and challenges going ahead.


Our Unique Process

market research
Internal Analysis

In-depth analysis of Existing Setup

  • Organization
  • Strategic Assets
  • Competency
  • Products
performance management
Opportunity Evaluation
( 7 to 8 Opportunities )

Find most attractive opportunities

  • Market inputs
  • Customer behaviour
  • Competition Information
  • Synergy matrix
customer journey mapping
Opportunity Mapping and Actionable Road Map

Deep Dive Analysis

  • Shortlisting
  • Funnel down
  • Develop GTM