Oil & Gas

Oil &Gas sector consists of upstream, midstream and downstream operations. BDB’s understanding of intricate equipment and processes associated with process industries helped us to create a niche for ourselves while addressing the customized primary market research requirements in the Oil & Gas sector. Over the years, while carrying out market research & strategy consulting assignments for this sector, BDB was able to understand the unique engineering perspectives associated with this sector, be it in the area of seismic graphing, drilling, production, refining, transportation and photochemical. BDB has had the exceptional opportunity to study all these sub segments by conducting customized market research in the Oil & Gas sector.

Organizations approached BDB to identify opportunities for them to operate in terms of supplying products, equipment, systems and services in the entire ecosystem of the Oil & Gas sector. This involved everything right from the drilling process to the petrochemical plants. Several global organizations approached BDB to conduct market research for the products, technologies and systems that involve plant operations, plant efficiency, safety, etc. We have conducted studies on types of equipment like breech lock heat exchangers, workover rigs, valves, pipes, automation and instrumentation products and additives used in various processing stages.

These customized market research assignments are conducted with in-depth interactions with project consultants, heads of plant operations, EPC regulators, ministries and suppliers of products and systems.

BDB’s research team has excellent experience in analyzing the oil and gas market and is familiar with an ecosystem that covers products and services in the Oil & Gas sector. They are supported by business advisors who have worked in this sector for several years. BDB has experience in carrying out research for global companies that offer products, systems and solutions to the oil & gas sector in Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh, the Middle East and Africa.


Q1. What kinds of studies does BDB often conduct in the oil and gas industry?

For machinery, systems, parts, services, chemicals, and additives used in the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil and gas industry, BDB conducts customized primary research. Customized research in this field focuses mostly on product usage practices, standards and norms for various applications, demand estimations according to application, product specifications and any necessary reengineering for acceptability, long-term potential mapping, etc.

Q2. Which important stakeholders are often included as respondents in an oil and gas industry market research study?

Process consultants, EPCs, system integrators, OEMs, component suppliers, solution providers, industry experts, and regulatory authorities are among the stakeholders in the oil and gas business.

Q3. How is this industry's research being conducted?

To provide a sharp analysis, extensive stakeholder interviews and a careful examination of trends occurring in pertinent Oil & Gas industry regions will be beneficial.

Q4. What level of expertise is necessary to conduct customized market research in the oil and gas industry?

Market Researchers in the oil and gas industry should be well-versed in the procedures and activities related to drilling for oil, transporting crude, refining, and operating petrochemical facilities. Understanding the products, machinery, and applications utilized in various process domains will aid in defining the research procedures and, in the end, in the creation of a thorough analysis supporting market entry or expa