export market potential

A unique Research Methodology to broaden your export market

The export of products and services is essential for overall organisational growth. This also
helps to add value to the country’s economy. Organisations and countries are grown essentially
through their global export strategies.
Well-crafted international market research helps organisations to identify countries for exports,
products in demand, acceptance of products & services of the specific country of origin, need to
reengineer the product for exports, pricing, opportunities, challenges and many more insights
that are required to develop fail-safe strategies for export.

BDB conducts export potential studies in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.
We have developed expertise in finding answers to questions like, "Which is the most potential
county for export within the region? What is the most potential application and, what is the
market dynamics? What are the unique buying propositions ( UBPs) and Unique Selling
Propositions ( USPs) for the identified market? What kind of pricing and product strategies are
to be followed? What are the go-to-market strategies for the countries identified for export?

Our Unique Process

market research
Secondary Research

  • Country analysys- PEST
  • Understanding application and user industries
  • Understanding global supply scenario in the countries
  • Understanding of entities involved in the business
business diversification
Opportunity mapping

  • Product specific primary analysis
  • Analysis and industry mapping
  • Analysis supply landscape
  • Analysis of USPs and UBPs
partner identification
Export potential strategy

  • Which country to focus
  • What needs to done for market acceptance
  • is our competition
  • What is our go to market strategy