Industrial Market Research

BDB India Private Limited was set up in 1989 intending to offer customized primary market research & strategic consulting services to the Engineering Industry. Our Engineering /Industrial / B2B market research division has grown substantially over the years both in India and International markets. We carry out customized primary market research for a wide spectrum of customers in the engineering industry covering small, medium and large Indian and multinational companies from the global market.

The founders of BDB India’s roots are in the Engineering Industry and had the opportunity to successfully set up and expand engineering / industrial businesses in India and developed global markets. The promoters of BDB India were very familiar with the engineering industry ecosystem, technical intricacies of engineering and process applications and pain areas associated with product selection and decision-making processes in commercial or technical aspects.

BDB’s Industrial Market Research expertise spans across domains that include manufacturing facilities, and process industries where equipment and systems ease manufacturing operations and meet safety and operational efficiencies. BDB conducts such market research by closely interacting with operational level employees to the top level management involved in operational, maintenance and purchasing levels. As project consultants and EPCs are important partners for specifying and decision-making processes, they are also one of the key respondents for our discussion format while carrying out field research. Government organizations, financial institutions and regulatory bodies also provide insights for such studies as they involve policy and regulatory drivers for using specific equipment in different applications.

BDB’s in-house research team is well-equipped to handle the most intricate market research assignments and develop a road map for our customers from all over the world. They are also supported by our strong business advisors who have several years of experience in different industry domains.

Typical business research includes demand estimation & projections, technology evolution & trends, market share and supply analysis, channel evaluations, identifying locations for setting up the plant, partners and vendor identification, benchmarking analysis, cluster analysis and techno commercial viability analysis, profiling for acquisitions, etc. Our clients make use of BDB research insights to redefine the product portfolios that suit different segments of the market and also re-engineer the products that suit the application and market requirements.

BDB’s ability to grasp & appreciate the research needs and pain areas of customers is highly appreciated. BDB’s ability to quickly move into the market and capitalize on the wide industry network of over 3 decades for researching the markets and deriving meaningful analysis has been appreciated by several small, medium and large companies in global markets. Global companies from India, Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA utilized BDB’s industrial (B2B) research capabilities to develop market entry strategies and evaluate the addressable opportunities for market expansion and go-to-market strategies.

BDB’s Industrial (B2B) market research spans South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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