Building Automation Market Research

Building Material Market Research conducted by BDB

Over the last 3 decades, BDB India demonstrated its expertise in carrying out customised market research for Building & Construction Materials covering wide range of analysis including pre-launch, post launch and market penetration related studies be it in the Residential, Commercial or Infrastructure sectors.

BDB India has experience in conducting Market Research for most products and solutions that find use in the Building & Construction Industry.

Areas of Expertise

Civil Construction:

Cement, paint , TMT bars, bricks, chemicals and adhesives


Interior and Exterior paints


Cables, switches, switch gears, cable trays, insulation material and transformers


Air conditioners, room air purifiers, central air conditioning, air handling units, blowers, tunnel ventilation systems and heating pumps

Sanitary ware:

Bath fittings and Kitchen products


Sofas, plastic furniture and high end beds


Locks & latches, door handles, sliding doors system, telescopic slides, drilling equipment and laminates


Steel (TMT bars, structural tubes, roofing), Aluminium (window systems), Copper (wiring cables and earthling applications)

Composites & Plastic:

Roofing, doors & windows and Pultrusion

Automation & Safety:

Home automation products, Commercial automation & safety products


Home lighting products, institutional outdoor lighting systems, industrial lighting and township lighting, induction lighting


Wooden flooring, tiles and mosaic tiles

Plumbing products:

Pipes and fittings

Residential & Commercial Buildings:

High end residences, assisted living homes, serviced apartments and hospitals

Types of research conducted by BDB

  • Market Estimation, Industry trend and competition landscape
  • Prelaunch and post launch studies
  • Go to market strategy and market penetration analysis
  • Advertising impact studies
  • Analysis of the roles of specifies and influencers while decision making
  • Channel analysis including commercial, point of promotion activities and pull & push scenario
  • Market size estimation, trend analysis and competition land scape  
  • Consumer buying behavior and product test
  • Trends in rural market and identification of target market at different price levels
  • Trends in usage of premium products and go to market route
  • Analysis of influencers and specifiers role in succeeding in the market
  • Customer Journey mapping studies
  • Feasibility of setting up a construction mall
  • Channel partner identification studies

BDB India carry out above type of studies through experienced in house research team and are supported by BDB advisory council members having several years of domain expertise. These studies are carried out in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa

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