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The journey began . . .

Though the art and feel of markets and their behavior has been in the gut of entrepreneurs for a very long time, the formal science of market research & the statistical predictability of market performance evolved post Second World War.  The science obviously grew in the developed markets first and became relevant to emerging markets only over the past three or four decades.

In the late seventies and early eighties of the twentieth century, familiarity with analysis of fast moving consumer goods markets was growing in India, yet industrial markets and their analysis remained a little known science.

By that time however, market research had become an integral tool of successful marketing managers in Europe and elsewhere in the developed world.  All decisions dealing with markets and customers were only taken on the basis of market research inputs; whether it was expansion of existing markets, identification of new markets, product cycle computation, product promotion, market survey, measurement of customer satisfaction, channel development or whatever.

By contrast, in the absence of such cutting edge market analysis during that time of the eighties, the Indian industry was obviously at a significant disadvantage and even the brightest of marketing managers fumbled while taking the smallest decisions.

This was soon to change forever.

The emergence and endurance of BDB.

To assist industrial marketing professionals in India expand their businesses rapidly by taking informed decisions confidently and fearlessly, BDB created a specialized market research facility, exclusively for Industrial or B-to-B markets.

Starting up in the industrialized region of Pune, Maharashtra, BDB brought every modern tool of market analysis and research to the doorstep of the engineering and process industry.

The industry cheered. The year was 1989.

In 1991, consumer durable companies asked BDB to start researching their markets also.  Learning and delivering has always been fun at BDB and so BDB’s young team of analysts dived headlong to meet new challenges.  This was just the beginning of BDB’s wondrous voyage!

1992-93 was the time of export awakening in India and many enterprises were exploring ISO certification.  Customer satisfaction measurement was an inseparable part of the exercise, and BDB developed one of the finest analytical packages for customer satisfaction measurement and analysis.

This exciting new science was christened BDB-Q-SAMM and ever since BDB has been the undisputed leader in the satisfaction measurement space.  Actually, this BDB capability has since been expanded to qualitative measurement of every kind – employee satisfaction, channel satisfaction and so on.

By 1995-96, BDB was researching the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.  Soon machine tool sector, agro machinery sector, construction machinery sector and agro chemicals sector followed.  By the turn of the century, many international organizations wanting to enter India knew that BDB’s research was the only one to be trusted – after all there were occasions when BDB’s research dissuaded clients’ from entering into India, because the timing would not have been right.

By the year 2000, BDB was widely recognized as a specialized provider of failsafe strategies for growth of businesses through incisive research and analysis.  What is more, BDB was considered a reliable analyzer of business paradigms and was often called upon to use their formidable knowledge of business linkages that determined the dependence of one business on others.  BDB had come to be known as Business Researchers.

Between 2001 and 2005, BDB concentrated on consolidating its strengths and knowledge in every industry segment it had worked in.  As a result, in 2006-07, BDB developed a brand new model of offering research and consultancy expertise in 15 independent industry segments where BDB’s specific industry knowledge and research experience brought dramatic value to clients.

This novel offer of industry-specific expertise was a first-of-its-kind and has been appreciated by every industry segment.  This appreciation is contained in BDB’s large and precious repository of reference letters and words of admiration from corporates and individuals from prestigious business houses across India and from many parts of the world.

Another factor BDB has derived great satisfaction from is the proportion of orders every year from existing customers, who trust BDB’s proven expertise to deliver expert analysis and derive actionable and implementable road maps for rapid commercial growth in any marketplace.

During these past twenty eight years, BDB has invested in inimitable ways to build a people’s organization where every member of the BDB team feels integrated with BDB’s customer oriented, knowledge driven culture.  Everyone in BDB enjoys the freedom of working in a uniquely creative and intellectually fulfilling work environment.  Once again, BDB is perhaps the only commercial organization that is determined to encourage everyone in the company to live a full and complete life, thereby recognizing that there is a life beyond the office.

BDB has always been socially sensitive and has actively or passively participated in causes that impact the Indian quality of life.  For example, appalled at the way our animals are treated BDB decided to spread awareness about kindness to animals and set up a Trust called The BDB Foundation.  This Charitable Trust has worked quietly to encourage NGOs in this field and has spearheaded several initiatives to spread word about humane treatment of animals and their rehabilitation.

BDB today boasts of the finest infrastructure in terms of technology, ergonomics and ambience.  Research is an involved subject and BDB provides the optimum environment and facilities for die hard researchers to flourish in.

The path ahead …

In many ways, the current global economic turmoil has presented an excellent peep hole into business enterprises because their response to this circumstance reveals their tenacity, flexibility and responsiveness to a crisis.

In this context, many know that the Indian industry and commerce directly serves a customer base of over a billion Indians, and indirectly millions more. Besides, not only does India have vast natural resources, it is also largely insulated from the after-shocks of the global economic bust.  To top it all, there is the yawning and growing demand gap for virtually everything.  Put these together, and everyone agrees that Indian businesses will flourish, albeit after a small period of numbness.

Forever positive and true to character, BDB has now pledged to quantum-leap on its strengths and at BDB, 2009-2019 has been christened Quality Resurgence Decade or QRD.

QRD aims to reinforce and multiply BDB’s strengths in every way so that each customer is served even better.  QRD has three components: Company Infrastructure, Company-Customer Interface and Company Executives.  A complete overhaul of quality is being targeted in each of these areas.  In case of Company Executives, quality transformation has to be at both levels, professional as well as personal.

BDB’s future is extremely bright, not only because India has the largest number of young people in the world, or that India is an extremely progressive society but because India’s mammoth entrepreneurial talent pool is solutions driven. We have emerged as top business consultants in India.

BDB shall stay steadfast on the path of providing industry with thorough and accurate analysis of complex business situations and continue to develop ingenious road maps for rapid growth and enduring success in the global marketplace.

BDB is truly a company with a mission.