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BDB India Private Limited is a leading global business strategy consulting and market research company in India. Since 1989, BDB has been providing clients with solutions to expand their businesses in the Indian and international marketplace. We are an ISO certified company.

Business Divisions

Our experience and large team of Project Managers and Research Associates are best in class and have exhaustive experience across various industry landscapes. This expertise differentiates us from others to deliver world class market data and insights tailor made to your needs and requirements.

Industrial Business Market Research

Whichever Industry your business belongs in; BDB India has expertise in Industrial Market Research across almost all business domains. Mentioned below are some key domains where we have worked extensively.

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Automotive Market Research

BDB India is the leading global business strategy consulting and market research firm for automotive industry. We have a team of best market researchers, business analysts and business consultants. We develop time bound strategic roadmaps for our clients.

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Agricultural Market Research

Indian Agricultural Machinery and Farm Equipment market is one of the most prominent and the fastest growing segment globally. Our dedicated project teams will support you for any study under this domain, with rich and methodical approach.

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Healthcare Market Research

Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, telemedicine, pharmacetucial and medical equipment. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players. BDB India has been leading global business strategy consulting and market research firm for healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.

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Sustainable Energy Market Research

BDB India is the leading global firm for renewable energy sector market research including solar energy and wind energy. We have a team of best market researchers, business analysts and business consultants. We develop time bound strategic roadmaps for our clients.

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Consumer Goods – Market Research

With the increase in globalization, the disposable income for the people in our country has increased mani-fold. Over and above enough investments have taken place by major giants in the food & beverage, personal care sector, dairy, organic products, white goods, apparels etc. and this is what is driving the consumer goods market in India. At BDB we have a dedicated team to support customers’ needs for business growth in this sector.

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Our Offerings

We are a 30+ years experienced organization into market research and business consultancy with a team of 100 , delivering exclusive primary researched insights and recommendations for business growth and expansion to our clients – Our 70% + of the business comes from regular existing clients which gives us great confidence!

Customized & Primary Market Research Studies

Market Mapping/ Market Landscape Study

GET insights on Market Potential, Competition Landscape, Operating Price – Discount – Margin levels and relevant market insights to recommend business growth consultation and strategies.

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International Market Research (Export Potential Studies)

SUPPORT business growth by identifying new countries with attractive opportunities, then deep diving into the identified market & detailed study for sales potential, competition landscaping, to identify the GTM with Channel Identification.

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Channel Optimization Studies

EVALUATE Channel Performance and life cycle management, channel optimization in terms of policies, guidelines, market trends, Channel Mix, Channel Reach , New Channel Identification and much more.

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Business Diversification Studies

CREATE new revenue stream for business growth by identifying new adjacent products for existing market or new markets by detailed internal analysis of the current business and synergy & listing probable opportunities to diversify.

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BDB Q-SAMM – Customer Journey Mapping

KNOW the customer voice, right from order inquiry to product application use and service, to know brand perceptions, net promotor scores, customer buying behavior, psychometric analysis and much more.

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IDENTIFY potential buyers. The objective is to develop a qualified opportunity funnel with list of customers and decision makers by using BDB’s industry knowledge, cluster insights & networking, thereby improving the overall sales efficiency.

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Mentioned below are some key differentiating parameters which sets us apart from the traditional & common business practices companies do.

30+ Years Experience

In-house Market Research Team with industry experience and hands on experience in carrying out filed investigations across all industry sectors.

Customized Primary Research

Direct Interactions and Interviews for each market research with stakeholders involved to get insights which are highly customized.

Vast Industry Experience

Across Industrial Consumables , Industrial Products and Equipments, for Oil & Gas, Energy, Refineries, Food & Beverages, Agriculture, Aerospace, Medical, General Engineering , Capital Equipment, Process Equipment, Systems, Automation, Instrumentation, various materials for chemicals – All these contributes 80% of the total business.

Working with 24 Industry Associations

Extensive networking and relations across Indian and Global Industrial Associations and Bodies, having conducted numerous local, glocal, and global studies.

70%+ Repeat Business

With our Excellent Research Deliverables and Insights for Business Growth, and with the ease of doing business with us – our well-wishers have a huge loyalty with us.

Rich Panel of Experts & Networking

Our relations of last 30+ years have helped to build a big panel of experts across all major industry segments and across major economies as well and excellent networking with international association and trade bodes also.


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