BDB positioned itself as a unique market research organization offering specialized customized market analysis in the following areas of the healthcare sector:

  1. Market Research for setting up of hospitals, daycare centers and diagnostic & imaging centers
  2. Market Research for Medical Devices and Equipment, Lab services and specialized diagnostic tests
  3. Market Research of drugs for highly specialized fields
Market Research for setting up Hospitals

Market Research for setting up Hospitals, Diagnostic & Imaging centres, Labs and Day Care centres

BDB has gained exceptional expertise in carrying out customised market research & strategy consulting assignments for setting up new healthcare facilities or expanding the existing ones. This includes:

  • Marketing & techno-commercial feasibility studies for setting up of new healthcare facilities and expansion of new ones. This includes identifying a suitable location for setting up healthcare facilities, market viability, speciality identification after screening the opportunities, deciding the number of beds, specialities & facilities and referral pattern by analysing market pull and push and finally developing market strategies for OPD and speciality specific positioning.

  • Market research for revenue improvement by addressing the needs of different sections of patients. This kind of analysis involves a critical evaluation of patients’ needs, need gaps, experience of   physicians and consultants. A 360-degree analysis brings the opportunities that exist and the improvements that are required to attract walk-in patients and referrals.
  • Market Analysis to estimate the potential for specialities and go-to-market strategies to improve the OPD and hospitalisation from both nearby areas as well as satellite towns.
  • Evaluation of medical tourism opportunities including competing countries, needs for infrastructure improvements and experience of overseas patients in India.
  • Brand Image, Customer Perception and satisfaction during OPD, hospitalisation, post-discharge and recovery period.
  • Analysis of perceptions and experience of in-house staff, physicians, specialists and their viewpoints for improving the positioning and revenue growth.
  • Evaluation of experiences of medical staff including Nurses, Physicians and specialists to understand their opinion on overall experiences in hospitals and the reason for them to switch frequently from hospital to hospital.

All these types are studies carried out by conducting in-depth interviews with hospital administration, nursing staff, technical staff in different specialties, pharmacists. physicians, specialists and patients.

Market Research for Critical Specialties

Market Research for Critical Specialties

Analysis of Kidney and Liver transplant cases, research for handling methods followed by value chain within the healthcare system in the field of Kidney and liver transplants, challenges faced by hospitals and patients, regulatory drivers, involvement of agencies, waiting period related issues, fee and payment mechanism and a road map to effectively address the needs of patients pre –during – post-transplant period.

BDB has worked with some of the major hospitals in India as well as in overseas markets.

Market Research for Medical Devices

Market Research for Medical Devices and Equipment

Over the years BDB has had the experience of carrying out extensive market research in medical devices, surgical products and medical equipment. These studies generally focus on estimating the market potential, competition, usage practices, distribution ecosystem, needs gaps in the market, pricing, packaging, involvement of hospitals, labs, and diagnostic centres in the decision-making process and finally developing a go-to-market strategy for market entry and penetration. The range of products covered includes devices for home use, nursing homes, specialty hospitals, labs and diagnostic & imaging centres

These studies are carried out by carrying out in-depth interviews with suppliers,  importers, specifiers and users covering the manufacturer–distributor–user/specifier ecosystem.

Healthcare market research

Market Research for Specialty Drugs

BDB is strategically positioned to carry out specific speciality drug categories through in-depth interaction with specialists and suppliers of such drugs. This analysis includes drug administration patterns, challenges faced by specialists and patients, bottlenecks for smooth administration, availability, pricing, regulatory drivers etc. BDB conducted such studies in the specialties of Alzheimer’s, Drug Addiction, Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes etc.

1. What experience does BDB have in the healthcare industry?

To improve market shares, patient feedback, and market penetration plans for current hospitals, BDB specializes in customized primary research and GTM strategies in the healthcare delivery (hospitals) and medical devices sector (surgical products, consumables, and equipment).

2. What types of studies are being conducted in this field?

BDB carries out techno-commercial-marketing feasibility studies for setting up multispecialty hospitals, diagnostic centres, daycare centres, and laboratories. Additionally, BDB conducts in-depth research for medical device firms to estimate the market landscape, demand, buying patterns, technology progress, and pain points and gaps in the market. The research team at BDB is also capable of assisting clients who intend to enter the medical device industry by guiding them, identifying opportunities in the field, and providing entry strategies.

3. How is the sector conducting its research?

The research includes in-depth interviews with medical professionals, diagnostic centre personnel, and administrators of both government and private hospitals, including nursing homes, medical colleges, multispecialty hospitals, and laboratories. Analyzing input from equipment suppliers, government organizations, financial institutions, and suggested locations is crucial when conducting feasibility studies for hospital establishments.

4. What level of experience is necessary for a researcher to study this field?

It is recommended that researchers possess expertise with the hospital administration structure, multispecialty functions, procedures, devices, and equipment utilized in operating rooms, among other things.

5 . How does BDB carry out some of the most interesting studies in the medical field?

Beginning in the early 1990s, BDB has collaborated with selected key Indian hospitals to carry out market penetration analysis and feasibility studies for setting up new hospitals. BDB has internalized how all types of hospitals operate and is aware of the value chain that connects the many stakeholders involved in this industry. Making connections with top-notch industry leaders and knowledgeable internal researchers adds value to every task.

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