Water and Water Treatment Sector

BDB developed expertise in carrying out market research for the water sector by capitalizing on the hands-on experience of the founders of BDB in the water & water treatment business in India and the International market. The practical experience of dealing with the complexities, and technological and scientific developments in this field prompted marketers of water-related products and equipment to carry out incisive market research before making the decision related to the products and services related to the water and water treatment industry. The emergence of BDB in the early 90s in the market research field helped many domestic and international companies with customised market research solutions for this sector.

BDB has exceptional experience in carrying out market research in water areas related to drinking water, water for agriculture and water for industrial use. BDB carried out studies in the field of water treatment chemicals, water pumps for domestic and agricultural usage, micro irrigation products for saving and effective use of water in agriculture applications, waste & effluent water treatment plants, domestic and industrial water purifies and its accessories, Desalination plants, sewage treatment plants, irrigation projects and equipment used, hydropower equipment, automation products used for achieving conveyance efficiency in municipal drinking water supply and, water supply system and water treatment projects in smart city projects.

BDB conducts such customised studies through in-depth discussions with stakeholders covering EPCs, product and equipment suppliers, government agencies, private sector players, end customers and consultants.

Clients in the water segment expect BDB researchers to carry out studies related to usage practices, installation patterns, regulatory drivers, technology developments, investment capabilities, opportunity assessments, long-term potential based on estimated investments and several other factors that help clients to take appropriate strategy decisions.

BDB’s in-house research team is well-versed in the water ecosystem and is supported by experts from the water industry while conducting strategic market research assignments. BDB developed its expertise in carrying out in-depth customised market research in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some of the world-renowned corporations are among key customers of BDB in the water and water treatment sector be it drinking water, agriculture or industrial use.


Q1. What prospects do customers often seek out in terms of water and water treatment?

The answer is that the water and water treatment industries need a variety of products and services along the business value chain, including consumables, chemicals, and equipment. This business is managed by organizations in the public and private  sectors, and the approval, purchase, and usage processes involve several stake holders. Thus, in-depth primary market research is being conducted to comprehend the commercial dynamics of this sector.

Q2. Which sub segments should be assessed as part of a standard primary market research study in this industry?

The main uses of water and treated water are for drinking, agriculture, and industry. Municipal corporations, panchayat authorities, irrigation departments, and industrial enterprises are the driving forces behind each of these applications. Critical evaluation of each of these entities is necessary when analyzing the opportunities.

Q3. What kinds of studies do clients usually seek out in this field?

Value chain analysis, demand estimation analysis for products and equipment , chemicals, consumables, etc. used, automation landscape at various stages for water treatment, distribution and opportunity mapping for service offerings in the water & water treatment industry are among the things that clients look for.

Q4. Which organizations should be contacted to do primary research in the water and water treatment sectors?

The value chain for the water and water treatment industries is made up of vendors of products and equipment, system integrators, funding agencies, government agencies, chemical suppliers, automation solution providers, and project consultants, EPCs among others. When creating a roadmap for this business, it’s crucial to evaluate the input from many stakeholders, depending on the specifics of the research.