BDB India Private Limited is one of the major market research companies in India that specialises in customised primary market research for the Automotive sector.

We have conducted customised primary market research and go-to-market strategies covering the entire spectrum of automobile product categories and auto aftermarket since its inception in 1989. We have participated in researching the market for both established companies and new entrants in the ICE and EV categories.



BDB carries out market research for 2W and 3W manufacturers during the prelaunch and Post-launch stages. We have carried out incisive customised market research for some of the most prominent 2W brands in the scooter and motorcycle segment. The types of studies include customer buying behaviour, price sensitivity analysis, dealer leakage analysis, mystery shopping, aspiration analysis of customers, brand loyalty analysis, satisfaction and experience analysis, pre and post-advertising research, focus group discussions, etc. We carry out both consumer-centric and dealer-centric analyses for 2W manufacturers.

In the 3W category, BDB has had the experience of carrying out both passenger and commercial three-wheeler categories. These studies are largely focusing on the owners. As the cost of operation is a major influencing aspect while making purchase decisions, particularly for 3W passenger vehicle owners and market load operators in the commercial vehicle segment, most studies are around analysing operating cost, earning potential, benchmarking with various brands on the cost of operation and earning potential, factors influencing the buying decision, post-purchase experience, needs and wants analysis, etc.

We carry out these studies covering owner-drivers, market load operators, and institutional owners. Insights from BDB’s customised market research helped decide on product planning, pricing, maintenance benchmarking, customer segmentation and addressing the needs and wants of different customer segments.

LCV/ HCV / Trailers

LCV HCV trailers

BDB’s automotive research team carries out customised primary market research for LCV/ HCV/ Trailer manufacturers covering both existing models as well as new models for product launch and market penetration. BDB has the experience of carrying out some of the most interesting studies in this segment for both domestic and multinational companies in this sector. We have extensively researched this market from the vehicle designing level to pre and post-sales. Some of the studies include HCV cowl clinic, driver experience studies, segmentation studies for deciding the vehicle payload, maintenance and cost of operation benchmark studies, industry-specific studies for deciding the specifications for designing the vehicle, customer needs & wants, customer experience and satisfaction studies, demand analysis and projections for specific vehicle categories. These studies are carried out by covering fleet owners, driver owners suppliers and application segments for each vehicle category.

BDB’s extensive primary research has helped some of the key players in the LCV/ HCV/ Trailers industry to successfully launch specific models and maintain their leadership position in the target markets.

Electric Vehicle Segment

Electric Vehicle

BDB is a market research company that captured the momentum of eclectic vehicle evolution in India by carrying out customised primary research for existing automotive manufacturers planning to enter into the EV OEM platform, especially in the 3W and HCV segment and the start-up companies planning to enter into EV market. We have extensively researched the 3W and commercial vehicle segment and analysed the opportunities for Electric Vehicles in this segment.

While several auto parts manufacturers are in the process of evaluating their entry into the EV ecosystem, BDB has carried out several customised assignments focusing on power trains, motors, battery management systems, Charging infrastructure electronics and electrical parts that go into electric vehicles.

BDB is highly connected to the entire EV ecosystem ranging from vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers and policy makers for the Electric Vehicles.

BDB’s in-house research team carried out some exciting assignments in the automotive sector and is proud of being associated with some highly successful companies in the 2W, 3W, LCV, MCV, HCV and Trailer segments and auto components including ICE and EV.

BDB has experience in carrying out customised primary market research and developing GTM strategies in the automotive market research in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Automotive Aftermarket


BDB is recognised as one of the most experienced customised primary market research companies in the automotive aftermarket. We have worked with the most prominent domestic and international automotive component manufacturers catering to 2W, 3W, Passenger Cars, LCV, MCV, HCV and trailer segments. BDB has the expertise in carrying out market research for mechanical, electromechanical, electronics and electrical parts to find applications in automobiles. Most studies are focussed on aftermarket potential, buying patterns of service centres, mechanics and retails, brand promotion of specific brands and penetration of spurious parts in the market. Packaging, pricing and availability are also a part of the research focus in this sector. The evolvement of technologies, fuel, and government regulations are critically evaluated while carrying out research in the auto aftermarket. BDB research was very helpful for several automotive component manufacturers in developing go-to-market strategies and deployment of resources for increasing market share, addressing spurious market issues and penetration of products into multiple categories and geographies. These studies are focused on sheet metal parts, tubular parts, plastics & composite parts, electronic components, telematics, comfort solutions and consumables that focus on interior, exterior, engine and transmission areas.

BDB conducts such studies by carrying out extensive interviews with all the stakeholders in the aftermarket space covering mechanics, service centres, dealers & retailers and industry experts from the auto component manufacturing sector.

Which automotive subsectors does BDB conduct customized primary research for?

In the automotive sector, BDB provides clients with customized primary market research and go-to-market strategies covering two- and three-wheelers, light and heavy commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, and auto aftermarkets.

What kind of studies are generally carried out for automotive OEMs?

BDB conducts in-depth primary research for studies conducted before and after launches. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used in these studies. Pre-launch studies cover demand drivers, anticipated markets, application-specific vehicle requirements and design specifications, product benchmarking, consumer aspirations, needs, and wants, among other things. Analyses of customer satisfaction, operational cost dynamics and benchmarking, maintenance, and service benchmarking are examples of post-launch research.

What kind of research is frequently conducted on the aftermarket ?

BDB carries out post-purchase market analysis for the whole automotive aftermarket industry ecosystem, which includes 2W and 3W, passenger cars, buses, and commercial vehicles. These studies cover a variety of topics, including  plastic and composite parts, engine and transmission parts, consumables, electric and electronic components and interior car parts. Market shares, pricing analysis, supply chain dynamics, dynamics at the point of sale, dynamics in workshops and mechanics, and cluster-wise market size are all included in these studies. The purpose of BDB research is to gain a detailed understanding of the demand drivers and replacement patterns particular to certain product groups and clusters.

What is the methodology that BDB uses to do primary market research in the automobile industry?

Face-to-face interviews are conducted across various geographies and vehicle owner groups with the whole spectrum of stakeholders. These comprise auto owners, fleet owners, drivers, mechanics, repair shops, parts suppliers, automakers, distributors, and retailers. Generally, studies on how purchasing patterns and replacement and repair practices differ in different types of places include urban, tier 1, tier 2, and rural markets.

What kind of experience does BDB have in conducting research in the automobile industry?

Over three decades, BDB conducted several market research in the automotive industry. BDB researchers are knowledgeable in the technical features of every vehicle category, every category’s spare parts and the OEM and aftermarket dynamics . Researchers at BDB are also acquainted with academic institutions and business associations that are active in this area. Additionally, BDB monitors advancements in fuel dynamics and electric vehicle technology.

What background does BDB have with electric vehicles?

When the electric vehicle industry was still in its infancy, BDB began conducting research into it. BDB researched the EV ecosystem, including opportunity mapping for different vehicle types, and components, the impact of E-vehicle’s growing popularity on different materials and components, battery management systems, charging infrastructure, etc.

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