Defence & Aerospace sector

Since its inception in 1989, BDB has developed its expertise in carrying out primary market research in the manufacturing sector and different materials being used for various applications and researching products and systems that are intricate. This has helped BDB look at the Defence and Aerospace sector more closely and can provide valuable insights to the organizations focusing on this sector, particularly during current times when private sector companies can participate in manufacturing for the defence and aerospace sector to meet the domestic demand as well as exports.

BDB has had the privilege of executing interesting market research assignments for the products that are being used by private-sector OEMs and suppliers of components for the defence & aerospace sectors. These studies were conducted by interacting with establishments like ordinance factories, vehicle manufacturing facilities, Naval Shipyards, and aerospace organisations, etc. These studies include products & components that find applications in defence equipment & systems, different metallurgy products used for making defence equipment, usage of composites in the defence sector and some of the electronics products manufactured by electronics laboratories.

BDB’s in-house research team is familiar with the defence & aerospace ecosystem in India and is supported by specialists who are familiar with this sector.


Q1. What benefits can market research provide the Defense & Aerospace industry?

Since independence, the defence and aerospace industries have been governed by the government. These sectors are now selectively available for international investment as well as private investment from India. Tailored market research will assist in locating promising prospects in the aerospace and defence industry and creating a business case.

Q2. What broad market research opportunities are there in the defence and aerospace industry?

The defence and aerospace industries need many institutional levels of certification and quality assessments. Understanding the materials utilized in the production of systems, machinery, and other components with uses in this industry is also crucial. Within the defence and aerospace ecosystem, several purchasers within the government system purchase items as full systems or as individual parts to manufacture ammunition, tanks, helicopters, ships, and other items. All of these call for the methodical identification of prospects and the development of the quality systems needed from an extended viewpoint. Customized primary research aids in this complex analysis.

Q3. What are the requirements for carrying out insightful market research in the aerospace and defence industries?

A researcher should  possess technical expertise, as diverse items and equipment have many applications in Defense & Aerospace sector . They should also be able to understand material science, which is the study of how different types of materials are employed in different applications. Networking with government, nodal agencies, R&D organizations shall help in executing complex market research assignments in this sector.