consumer goods market research

BDB’s expertise in analysing the behavioural aspects of consumers, distribution value chain, modern trade and understanding the influencer-decision maker value chain helped in conducting interesting market research assignments for the consumer durable industry. BDB has had the privilege of researching the established brands in the category of white goods & brown goods as well as market entry plans for some of the major global brands. Blending knowledge in technical, consumer and trade practices, BDB was able to quickly grasp the research requirements of customers and develop a research plan that addresses the socio-economic characteristics of different geographies of India.

BDB has conducted incisive primary market research for traditional and modern consumer durables within the category of white goods and brown goods. The type of market research assignments includes concept tests, price sensitivity analysis, pre and post-launch advertising research, market entry analysis, consumer buying behaviour analysis, market share analysis, customer satisfaction and experience and the role of influencers and installers in this category. BDB has carried out some interesting studies in this category with products like microwave ovens, water heaters, air purifiers, water purifiers, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee-making machines, high-end sofa sets, furnishing material and mattresses, branded knives, vending machines, home automation solutions, electronic locks and safe when introduced in the Indian market over the last 3 decades.

As the Indian market is ready to absorb all kinds of consumer durables in different demographics and geographies be it rural, semi-urban or urban markets, marketers require extensive research analysis to understand the dynamics of each market and also identify the aspirations, needs & wants of the addressable market with clearly defined value proposition and identified purpose of the brand. BDB’s analytical capabilities in this field helped many international brands redefine their positioning platform and increase market penetration.

BDB’s in-house research team is experienced in handling both traditional and market entry strategy assignments in the consumer durable sector. Consumers, trade both traditional and modern, e-commerce, industry experts influencers and installers are the key respondents while carrying out customised primary market research assignments in this sector.

1. What kinds of studies are being conducted in the consumer durable industry?

In the consumer durable industry, BDB does customized primary market research and strategic consulting studies. These investigations are conducted in the pre and post-launch period. Pre-launch research is done to analyze consumer purchasing patterns, the effects of trade and channel aspects, the characteristics of various socioeconomic classes and geographic areas on the purchasing process, etc. Post-launch studies are conducted to analyze consumer experience, and channel feedback, and identify areas for product, pricing, and promotion changes.

2. How are such studies conducted?

BDB conducts these types of research through one-on-one interviews with consumers, industry influencers, and trade members. FGDs are also held to analyze consumer purchasing patterns, concept tests, and other activities.

3. Which consumer durables product categories does BDB mainly research and provide strategy consulting for?

The answer is that BDB has expertise in researching both domestic and foreign businesses for both brown and white goods. Market penetration and entry studies have both made use of BDB expertise.

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