Industry Automation & Electronics sector

During the last two decades, India and several International markets witnessed rapid growth in Industry automation and electronics owing to the rapid growth in this field. The application of automation & electronics observed endless opportunities in factory automation, vehicle automation, logistics, ports & airports, home automation, process automation and automation in agriculture and medical sciences. AI and Industry 4.0 are knocking on all possible doors to make sure our processes are getting better in terms of efficiency, responsiveness and safety.

BDB has had the opportunity to conduct extensive primary market research for automation products & services in factories, ports & airports, marine, process industries, automobile and home automation in its various evolutionary stages. This has helped us to carry out complex market research assignments that require technical, process and commercial acumen to analyse the market opportunities. We have participated in researching and identifying suitable robots for factory automation including its viability by analysing cost benefits and factory efficiency scenarios. The other common studies include opportunity assessment for automation products & systems and automation services in process industries, the evolution of industry 4.0 and its acceptability and adaptability in engineering companies, assessing the technical product realignment required for automation products getting acceptable to mid-tier process companies, future automation needs in the automotive sector both passenger and cargo vehicles for making it more convenient and comfortable for driver and passengers, analysis of automation evolution and the products that are being used in the agriculture and health care sector including products for old age homes, telemedicine opportunities are being part of research analysis carried out by BDB in the automation & electronics sector.

BDB has had the opportunity to work with some of the most valuable automation product manufacturers from around the world to enable them to devise strategies to enter into a growing and techno-savvy market like India and expand their already matured market operations. Over the years BDB team has sharpened their expertise in carrying out customised primary market research for intricate automation solutions for manufacturing sectors like automotive, glass, tyre, refinery, power, and marine along with building automation covering both home, offices and infrastructure sectors like logistics & airports and ports. The automation requirements of these sectors are unique while the automation products & solutions requirements vary from industry to industry. We have researched products like robots, sensors, transmitters, valves, motors and PLCs of varied specifications used in each industry.

BDB understands automation lines in industries like automotive and consumer durable manufacturing, and opportunities for using services of EMS companies for sectors like medical devices, PCBs, mobile phones consumer durables, etc.

The BDB research team is equipped with a relevant engineering background and hands-on experience in dealing with the automation & electronics sector. Our business advisors in this sector have vast experience in dealing with the intricacies of this sector, and their support is handy to execute assignments seamlessly. This has helped BDB to understand the ecosystem and network with potential respondents to conduct research in this sector.

BDB conducts market research in industry automation & electronics in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Q1. What topics are covered in an typical industrial automation and electronics research project?

Automation products, electronics components, and systems are applied throughout the value chain in all these functional areas, along with the introduction of automation in nearly every area of the manufacturing ecosystem, including factory, warehousing, and process automation. Additionally, Industry 4.0 increased automation and efficiency in production and process sectors in all industries. These are the research topics often clients are looking for deep insights.

Q2. What kinds of primary market research are often conducted in this industry?

In terms of both hardware and software automation , there are end users, OEMs, system integrators, suppliers of systems and products, and providers of automation solutions. Organizations in this sector frequently have to monitor industry advancements because the sector is quite dynamic and involves a variety of stakeholders  in purchasing and decision-making. In this subject, research is frequently conducted on tracking automation trends, investment appetite for automation, needs gaps, and pain areas.

Q3. Who are the typical stakeholders that need to be covered in a typical research analysis?

Respondents for a typical customized primary research in the industrial automation & electronics sector include system integrators, OEMs, solution providers, product suppliers, distributors, end users, etc.

Q4. What qualifications does a researcher need to do insightful study in this field?

A research organization should possess a thorough understanding of all production processes, whether they are related to process industries or engineering divisions. For primary research in this field, it is also essential to have a thorough understanding of  automation trends, technical requirements, application knowledge, and stakeholder networking skills.