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Export Potential Studies

Would you like to know which countries offer better growth opportunities and profits for your products? Would you like to Exploring business opportunities in SSEA, Middle East and Africa? We have supported many of our customers’ and you could be one more…

Why should you conduct Export Potential Studies for your Business?

Great opportunity to grow business and profits by leveraging the current global and local market dynamics.

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What are the different components we support you for conducting the export potential study?

  • Identification of probable countries of export and select the most suitable countries for exports with significant Indian Diaspora
  • Deep Dive into Country Information to find relevant landscape potential and growth trends
  • Imports happening in the respective countries from India as well as globally along with other legal info and ease of doing business in specific countries

How does BDB Support you for getting the right insights from the export potential study ?

  • Comprehensive use of our exposure across all sectors
  • Using on the ground insights and local research experience
  • Leveraging our local networking associates
  • Customised and primary research with our own team in those countries
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Our Unique Process

market research
Secondary Desk Research for Choicest Country Identification

  • Country Analysis – PEST
  • Suppliers Analysis
  • Channel Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
business diversification
Opportunity Mapping within the Country

  • Product Identification
  • Application Mapping
  • Detailed Demand Analysis
partner identification
End Customer and Channel Partner Identification

  • Identify potential companies
  • Detailed Profiling
  • Interviews and Data gathering