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Customer Journey Mapping

Brand is not a logo, a colour nor a name – it’s and EXPERIENCE!

An experience which your customer associates with your product and services – It’s the duty and responsibility of each business to know about this customer experience to first retain and then grow in the market.

Why should you conduct Customer Journey Mapping?

Map your customers journey with your product and services right from inquiry stage to re-ordering stage, so as to increase your customers buying experience and thereby gaining market and MIND share

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What are the different components you need to focus for customer journey mapping?

  • Identify if product or service meets or surpasses expectation
  • Identify detractors and potential advocates
  • Measure and control the dissatisfying touch points
  • Benchmarking with competition and best in class analysis

How do we support you for getting the right insights for customer journey mapping?

  • By using the expectation disconfirmation model
  • To know the gap between experience & expectations
  • Mapping the experience right from offer, to order, to usage of product and services
  • Net promoter score, customer effort score
  • Cluster analysis
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Our Unique Process

customer journey mapping
Customer Journey Mapping

  • Mapping customer satisfaction at each stage from inquiry to after sales
vendor satisfaction
Internal/ Interdepartmental/ Vendor / Channel Satisfaction

  • Stake holders perception and need gap analysis
brand image
Brand Image / Customer Perception & Psychometric Analysis

  • Knowing the MIND SHARE of your brand by knowing the customers buying behaviour