India’s Real GDP and Real Per Capita GDP from 2023-2030

Despite the fact that India’s economy is still in a good place due to its momentum, resilience, favourable demographics, and rising productivity (1), this decade’s growth is most likely to average less than 6% annually. Through 2023 to 2030, India’s real GDP and real per capita growth rates will continue to exceed those of the rest of the world.

India appears promising since it has the capacity to absorb significant investments. These investors want to restrict or cut future investments in China. India is eager to develop logistics and go through a digital transformation. The gross domestic product per capita might rise from $2,500 to $5,000 in six to seven years, with an expected annual growth rate of over 6%.

The next level of productivity growth necessitates considerably more substantial transformation. These encompass ensuring a sense of security through law and order, having access to worthwhile education and skill-building opportunities, and making significant shifts away from “extensive” agriculture towards an informed, intensive method that is productive, and sustainable. Cohesive, unifying leadership that promotes collaboration and inclusion is a crucial prerequisite.

The foundation for a nation’s economic prosperity is its development, which also contributes to raising residents standard of living. The GDP is multiplied by 1.2–1.5 times for every rupee invested on development, which helps the economy grow. In addition to boosting linked industries and creating significant amounts of new jobs, infrastructure development also advances societal objectives such as ensuring that all citizens have access to basic amenities and services.

Industry Trends

1.Automotive Industry

2.EV Sector Poised for growth

3.Mining Industry

4.Infrastructure Industry

5.Logistics Industry

6.Warehouse Industry

7.Healthcare Industry

Share of Market Segments of Healthcare Sector in India

Hospitals made up 70% of the country’s entire healthcare market in FY 2021, with pharmaceuticals coming in at 20% and
medical technology at 10%. The long term market forecast for hospitals in India is stable and over the next few years, early
revenues are projected to expand strongly as a result of rising local healthcare demand as well as medical tourism.

Factors Driving India’s Healthcare sector growth

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