Market Research for Engineering Industry

BDB India private limited was set up in 1989 intending to offer customized primary market research & strategic consulting services to Engineering Industry. Our Engineering/Industrial / B2B market research division has grown substantially over the years both in India and International markets. We carry out customized primary market research for wide spectrum of customers in the engineering industry covering small, medium and large Indian as well as multinational companies from the global market.

The founders of BDB India’s roots are in the engineering industry and had the opportunity to successfully set up and expand engineering / industrial businesses in India as well as developed global markets. The practical experience in strategic management, product management, market research and sales & marketing functions helped the BDB India team to understand the pain areas of customers and markets in the engineering industry and has helped the BDB team to establish themselves as one of the most sought after market research & strategic consulting company in engineering /Industrial/ B2B sector.

BDB carry out customized market research through a primary approach and offer services to manufacturers of industrial products, equipment, industrial consumables, and technology services find applications in manufacturing premises, process and service areas of several industry segments. BDB team is familiar with conventional manufacturing processes to most modern manufacturing/process areas be it automotive, aerospace, metallurgy, energy, chemical etc, covering 15 industry segments.

As an organization having 33 years in customized primary research, very well connected to organizations and professionals in the private and public sectors. BDB team  is capable of mobilizing the domain expertise for executing complex market research assignments associated with market entry evaluations, market sizing, diversification studies, customer Journey mapping and technology evaluation studies. Our market research expertise includes carrying out extensive research in India, South & South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

BDB India is also a certified ISO 20252:2012 market research company for primary research.

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