BDB India is the leading global business consulting and market research firm.  We have a team of best market researchers, business analysts and business consultants.  We develop time bound strategic roadmaps for our clients.

Over the years, BDB’s client base has expanded to cover companies in all sectors of commerce.  It has been our relentless endeavor to enlarge the role of conventional market research to full fledged Business Research and we have been rewarded for our effort.

In order to provide integrated management solutions to our clients, all our activities have to be closely inter dependent.  BDB therefore has a loosely constituted system of divisionalisation that allows for freedom of thought while ensuring functional focus.

Our divisionalisation has been a product of client need.  This segregation has been made keeping in mind the specific needs of each of the activities.  Extensive field investigation with advanced analytical techniques are routinely deployed to evolve an accurate quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Experience from several successful projects are simulated for similar situations.  BDB’s strength lies in weaving different aspects of business into a winning fabric.

Customer Delight Cell has been an experiment of our company which aims at providing upgraded reports as frequently as the customer desires, at a fraction of the original cost.  Not only this, we also offer to renew or upgrade any research that a client may have carried out in the past ten years.

Finding total solutions can involve:

  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Demand estimation and forecasting
  • Identifying demand gaps and niche markets
  • Export market identification and export potential studies
  • Techno economic feasibility studies
  • Measurement of customer expectation and satisfaction
  • Analysis of consumer behavior, pricing and packaging as well as buying attitude
  • Employee training initiatives
  • Pre & post advertising research, focus group discussions
  • Corporate image studies
  • Investigating client strengths and realigning them to meet the requirements of the market
  • Research involving dealers, end users and potential customers
  • Price sensitivity analysis
  • Direct mailing, telemarketing, event management, dealer promotion

Implementation of recommendations of our company’s analysis has been a satisfying aspect of our professional achievement.  We have taken great pride in being associated with client interests over several years.  It has not only cemented relationships – so vital to BDB’s long term vision – but also given our executives hands on experience with implementation of new and challenging techniques.