Expert Panel


Profile of Experts : Our panel of experts in the electrical industry are located in Bangalore and Mumbai.  These experts are post graduates in Electrical Engineering from reputed institutions like IIT, REC, etc and are also post graduates in Management.

They have multifunctional experience of over 30 years which includes Production, R&D, Marketing and Corporate affairs.

Their involvement in the industry has been at a high level and they have been responsible for taking policy decisions on technical, marketing and general management matters.

These experts are available now with BDB and their inputs are crucial while conducting complex market research studies in the Electrical sector.


Profile of Experts : Our expert in this sector is located in Pune.  He is a civil engineer having several management degrees. During his 40 years of corporate life he has handled Purchase, Marketing and overall Factory management.  He has a thorough understanding about modern building material and construction equipment, both from the technical and marketing points of view.

His services have been instrumental for launching of several products, product branding, etc for major corporates in this field.


Profile of Experts : Our experts in the Pharma & Healthcare sector are located in Pune and Mumbai.  They have several years of experience in handling sales and product management of health care products.

They have been instrumental for product launches, distribution and product management of large Pharma & Healthcare companies.


Profile of Experts : We have multiple experts in the Metallurgy sector (steel, zinc and copper) who have multi disciplinary experience in various plants.

They are well versed with the process, equipment selection, expansion and marketing of metallurgy products.  Their experience in this sector allows us to quickly understand the specific and relevant issues and their knowledge helps us during the analysis.


Profile of Experts : To support our Automotive Sector research we have a panel of experts who have worked with the Automotive industry for many years.  They have experience in handling critical aspects related to OE and after market.

They have been instrumental for setting up units in India as well as played a key role in building the organization.  We often use their expertise developing strategies related to after market and the emerging opportunities for the Auto OEMs and auto components.


Profile of Experts : As we have been associated with the Machine Tool sector for both domestic and overseas companies, we have developed a panel of experts for the Machine Tool sector.

These experts have worked in the Indian Machine Tool sector as well as abroad and therefore they have thorough knowledge of all markets. They also have updated knowledge on automation and robotics.

Their knowledge is always available for BDB while executing complex Machine Tool and Automation related consulting assignments.


Profile of Experts : In the HVAC sector our panel includes experts who have a thorough knowledge about the building air-conditioning and the HVAC requirement of commercial and retail sectors.  They have worked in the industry and have experience in handling latest technologies and also have knowledge about HVAC needs from the farm level to the retail level.

When BDB is engaged for conducting studies related to the HVAC sector, our panel of experts updates us on the technology and the key areas to be focused on for meeting the market research objectives.