Water & Effluent Treatment – Business Consulting & Market Research

waste water treatment market research india

BDB’s experience extends to all fields of Wastewater and Effluent Treatment, spanning effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, aerators and water treatment plants.

In the water and effluent treatment market research sector, BDB has had the privilege of working with successful companies to analyse the market demand, perceptions and viability of takeovers.  For many of them, BDB has developed a market entry strategy for new products in India.

BDB conducted an elaborate study for their members companies to evaluate the market opportunities in India.

Apart from strategy consulting assignments, several business houses in India seek BDB’s expertise in analysing their overseas markets.

BDB has developed strategies for them to enter into several overseas markets, including China, ASEAN countries, Australia and countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Most industries are not just expanding but also rapidly updating their technology.  For each assignment, the methodology varies because these are all customized research analysis.

For instance, to identify a new business opportunity, BDB first understands its clients’ strengths, weaknesses and expectations.  The industrial horizons are then scanned so to speak, nationally or globally.  Complimentary or synergistic business opportunities shall be identified and short listed.

Thereafter, these short listed opportunities are investigated to verify whether they are relevant to BDB’s clients and whether they can be dove tailed with the business paradigm of its clients.  For new opportunity areas, each opportunity is thoroughly investigated quantitatively and qualitatively so that BDB’s client has a complete picture as well as flavour of the opportunity – both existing and emerging.

For market entry studies, BDB begins with detailed market research for the identified products, evaluates current and potential demand and then identifies locations for setting up the project.  Based on these inputs, BDB conducts a techno-economic feasibility study.

At conclusion, the output of such market research studies comprehensively results in an incisive and fail-safe Growth Strategy Recommendation Document.

BDB has assisted in setting up new projects, in acquisitions, in testing new ideas, in evaluating markets and brand equity, measuring customer satisfaction as well as in conducting pre & post launch studies in India and across the globe.  BDB has also conducted assignments in the expansion of existing businesses.