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Oil and gas industry has grown into one of the major sectors of Indian industry.  There are several Indian and multinational companies operating in this field offering products and services in the fields of Seismographic technology.

BDB Experience In Oil & Gas Sector

BDB has successfully carried our numerous market research by providing decisive market insights to Equipment suppliers, Process control equipment, Oil Field hardware manufacturers.

We have worked for equipment, components and systems which find application in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream areas. Some of our experience are listed below.

  • Study of the growth of oil & gas sector in India and identification of suitable opportunities for venturing into the field of work over rigs
  • Demand estimation for speciality tubes for exploration and production
  • Study on process chemicals used in refineries and petrochemical units
  • Retrofitting and refurbishment opportunities for capital equipment
  • Demand estimation for seamless pipes in the oil & gas transportation
  • Study of market and opportunities for drilling bits in the oil & gas sector
  • Study of forged and cast products in various oil & gas equipment business
  • Market size and demand assessment for instrumentation products used for automation and control in oil & gas sector
  • Pumps, Valves , speciality pumps applications in oil & gas
  • Demand estimation for Compressors, Gearbox focusing oil & gas sector
  • HVAC & Refrigeration packages requirements and market for refinery and platform support vehicles

Some Sample Case Studies

Market Size Estimation of Speciality pump and Valves used in Oil & Gas Sector


Client :
A European Multinational

Situation :
The existing portfolio of products are spread across mining and mineral processing; globally they have a range of products for oil & gas sector.  They would like to introduce this to Indian market.

Approach & Methodology :
BDB studied all the applications and demand estimate was developed for both retrofitting and new business based on detailed analysis of age of installation.

Deliverable :
Market Size, Segment wise demand, Forecast for new and retrofit demand over three years

Identifying potential opportunities in manufacturing equipment and components for Oil & Gas sector considering synergy with existing operation


Client :
A Large Indian Engineering Company

Situation :
The diversified company has a large manufacturing capability for pressure vessels and other heavy engineering equipment.  They would like to identify related products in the Oil & Gas value chain in order to expand the business.

Approach & Methodology :
BDB studied the entire value chain of Oil & Gas Industry to study equipment used in onshore and off shore application with synergy in existing operation and an overview on the demand and forecast for over medium terms.

Deliverable :
Opportunity Identification & Assessment , Market size evaluation and Entry barriers

Identifying unmet needs of drilling bit manufacturers and other forged components manufacturers used in Oil & Gas drilling sector


Client :
European company

Situation :
Known world over for their speciality grade steel and metallurgical capabilities would like to estimate the demand for speciality grade steel focusing Oil & Gas application.

Approach & Methodology :
BDB carried out detailed interaction with drilling companies to understand their pain areas.  Prominent suppliers were interacted to map their need gaps challenges with respect to quality raw material sourcing.

Deliverable :
Market Size, Prominent customers, Need gaps, Pain areas