Construction Equipment market Research

BDB India is the leading global business strategy consulting and market research firm.  We have a team of best market researchers, business analysts and business consultants.  We develop time bound strategic roadmaps for our clients.

BDB has carried out extensive market research studies in the Construction and Material Handling equipment sector. The segments covered include equipment required for infrastructure projects, mining industry, building construction and industrial applications.

Studies dealing with demand potential, market share analysis, segmentation analysis and identifying the suitable capacity equipment, spares and service analysis, expectation study and market entry strategy, are BDB’s greatest strengths.

BDB’s wide range of experience in the construction machinery sector includes carrying out strategy consulting assignments in the field of backhoe loaders and excavators, dumpers, tippers, mining equipment, compressors, engines.  This is just to name a few.

Some examples of BDB’s assignments dealing with analysis of new products are :

  • Micro level identification of segments for construction equipment
  • Expectations of construction equipment customers in terms of attachment required for different applications
  • Identification of suitable specific capacity range of equipment for specific applications
  • Service features among the construction equipment owners
  • The importance of engines while taking the decision for a particular make of construction equipment
  • Business model and the income generation of construction equipment owners
  • Demand for slewing bearings for construction equipment
  • Business dynamics of Diesel Engines in the construction equipment sector

In the construction machinery and equipment sector market research, BDB has had the privilege of working with successful companies.  For many of them, BDB has developed a market entry strategy for new products.

Customer expectations are changing, the aspirations of dealers are changing, the channel of distribution is becoming complex and there is a clear differentiation of market experience in different regions of India.  The customers are getting an opportunity to use and experience new products. We help our clients with best business analysis and strategy consulting.

For each assignment, the methodology varies because these are all customized research analysis.

For instance, to study the demand dynamics and trend, a cross section of existing and potential customers are analysed in different segments of the market.

Along with the customers, the input from channel analysis and influencers (in decision making) are also considered.

For new opportunity areas, each opportunity is thoroughly investigated quantitatively and qualitatively so that BDB’s client has a complete picture as well as flavour of the opportunity – both existing and emerging.

For market entry studies, BDB begins with detailed market research for the identified equipment, evaluates current and potential demand and then identifies locations for setting up the project in India.

Based on these inputs, BDB conducts a techno-economic feasibility study.  At conclusion, the output of such market research studies comprehensively results in an incisive, authentic and reliable Growth Strategy Recommendation Document.

BDB has assisted in setting up new projects, in acquisitions, in testing new ideas, in evaluating markets and brand equity, measuring customer satisfaction as well as in conducting pre & post launch studies in India and across the globe.  BDB has also conducted assignments in the expansion of existing businesses.