Strategy Consulting & Market Research

BDB India Private Limited is widely acclaimed for developing a cutting edge strategy for expanding businesses in competitive marketplaces, both domestic and global. Clients confirm that a BDB designed growth strategy is a spectacular winner time and again because its roots lie in painstakingly designed and scientifically conducted market research.

Business Divisions

BDB India provides services for industrial, healthcare and agricultural sectors.

BDB India Private Limited

BDB India Private Limited is a leading global business strategy consulting and market research company in India.  Since 1989, BDB has been providing clients with solutions to expand their businesses in the Indian and international marketplace.  We are an ISO certified company.

Over the years, our client base has expanded to cover companies in all sectors of commerce across the world. We have found phenomenal success in the relentless endeavour to enlarge the role of conventional market research to full-fledged Business Research and in eventually deriving from it a pragmatic, time-framed, result oriented Business Expansion Strategy.

Our consistent effort has been rewarded by being recognised and acknowledged today, among the very top research and consulting companies.

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Our Services

We specialize in finding creative and innovative ways for our Clients to sell more and sell better in the B-to-B marketplaces, in India or anywhere in the world.

In other words, We develop time bound strategic roadmaps for our Clients, which, when implemented, result in significantly enhanced turnover and increased profits for them.

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Our Global Reach

We have been working with many global as well as domestic organizations for developing their go-to market strategy for SAARC, ASEAN, African and Middle East markets.

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About BDB

BDB India Private Limited is the top business strategy consulting and market research company headquartered in Pune, India.  We have been working with customer driven and market oriented organizations since 1989.  Our consulting and research experience includes every major vertical in the B2B Industrial sector, Healthcare and the Agricultural sector.

BDB has time and again displayed exceptional ability to map patterns and trends through our customized studies and developed winning strategies for entering and succeeding in markets like South Asia, Africa, South East Asia and Middle East Regions.  BDB recommends specific products (and systems) to promote, geographical regions to start within, point of sale models, pricing, recommends specifications if customization is necessary, aftermarket support, etc.

The marketplace is the interface between product and consumer.  All market and customer driven business enterprises therefore tailor their strategy, based on the marketplace. As commercial enterprises have to be market and customer driven, our cutting edge inputs to our clients have always resulted in their meeting or exceeding their growth targets and market-leadership aims.

Business research and Strategy is an intricate, involved and specialized subject and specialization cannot be mass produced.  Every specialization needs expertise, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.  And at BDB, we pursue our specialization with a passion.  We have constituted a fine team, whose talent and honesty of purpose is beyond compare.

Researching the market thoroughly, profiling existing customers and potential customers, analysis of product differentiation, technology evaluation, re-evaluating customer needs and creating new markets are important steps towards success.  Conversion of these needs into demand and creating an appropriate market interface can lead to sales growth and larger market share.

The best result oriented strategy specifically tailored for our clients and for specific product range, requires intricate market research and intimate knowledge about the working of the market place.

Our methodology of studying the markets in-depth involves primary research among buyers, end users, OEMs, consultants, channel partners, market stakeholders, EPC contractors – the entire value chain.  The findings are then analysed leveraging our years of experience.

Thanks to the faith entrusted in us by many globally leading multinational companies as well as Indian business groups over quarter of a century; today BDB can carry out in-depth market analysis to map potential opportunities.  BDB, an ISO certified company is uniquely qualified, experienced and equipped to design an authentic and reliable growth plan that will achieve business growth.

Our unique strategy developing expertise, based on in house market research, includes sectors such as electrical industry, process industry, automotive industry, machine tool industry, metallurgical industry, plastics and composites industry, HVAC industry, construction machinery industry, farm equipment industry, industrial chemical sector, agrochemical industry, pharmaceutical & healthcare sector, domestic appliances market, international markets as well as qualitative studies involving customer satisfaction measurement and monitoring in the industrial eco-system.

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